Freitag, 1. November 2013


As you may have noticed, I wasn´t at home the last few days: I spent a long weekend in Stockholm, actually four days, so more than enough to explore this faszinating swedish city!
I stood at the Berns Hotel, which was quite like heaven, especially the breakfast.... hmm!!
In my opinion Stockholm is that exciting, ´cause it has just the right balance between design, nature and  architecture; that´s why I enjoyed it pretty much... In this wonderful city you find millions of museums but when you go one small step further, there will be an island with a forest on it!
To me Stockholm also ment trying to work as a street style photographer ;) I only took a small amount of these pictures (mainly just the back of someone who wore a stylish coat...) but I was totally proud! On the fourth picture you can see one of my first results; what do you think?
Looking forward to presenting you more pictures from my short Stockholm trip I hope, you guys also had a lovely week!



  1. Hey,
    tolle Bilder!
    Ich habe mir nun einen neuen Blog zugelegt, vielleicht gefällt er dir?

  2. Danke! Ich werd´ ihn mir sofort anschauen!!
    Vielleicht können wir uns ja gegenseitig folgen?
    Leonie :)

  3. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! :)
    Dein Blog ist echt schön und einfach. Mag ich :)