Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013


Today I did........nothing, right. Thats the reason, why I remembered being in such amazing cities this year: Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto, Paris.... With this pictures I just want to say thank you, that I´m able to do all these great things! And I also try to feel the same feelings I have, when I am in such a wonderful part of our creative and imaginative world, that gives us the opportunity to be who we want to be! Maybe these images are also an interpretation of the word `streetstyle´ (actually this is blog is about fashion and art, not philosophy...), but I´m not quiet sure.
Next week I´m gonna do some more fashionable posts with real clothes (not just my hair and some make-up :)), I promise! I hope, you´ll all have a wonderful and successful week!


  1. woooow
    awesome pictures:D you've an unique blog !!

  2. Super schöne Bilder, vor allem das erste gefällt mir!!